New Construction

Expert Execution; From The Ground Up

At AMC, we specialize in designing, planning and constructing sophisticated projects from the ground up. Our team is highly experienced and deeply knowledgeable with every aspect of a build. Whether your project is breaking entirely new ground or is a retrofit into an existing property, the trusted experts and unique capabilities that AMC provides will make us a partner from concept and through the entire life of the property.

Many Can Bid, Few Can Build

Constructing With Confidence & Executing the Plan

Our deep pool of inhouse talent consists of the highest level expertise across the board, working in tandem to meet your construction goals. We come to the table with comprehensive plans and real world solutions for any level of build complexity and performance criteria. From medical facilities, clean rooms, research labs and FDA-certified facilities, to semiconductor manufacturing sites, to the specialized needs of Casino & Hotel clients, AMC excels at even the most challenging HVAC builds and complex environmental controls.

Broad Expertise and All Hands-On Deck

Efficiency, Accuracy and Reliability At Every Step

Be confident in your retrofit with a partner that offers the benefits of extensive hands-on experience, cutting edge tools and innovative processes to get the job done right. Our entire team is involved from the start to review all designs and finely hone the entire plan to mitigate potential cost impacts of future changes. We use industry leading software to ensure an efficient and precise pre-construction process, offer flexibility for changing project demands, provide detailed and accurate estimations that are always up to date, and keep everyone involved with the project current with “As Built” status changes.

Building Solutions That Stand the Test Of Time

Controlled Environment Performance, Now And In The Future

Every single one of our construction builds comes with a 1-Year Warranty for all equipment, material and labor. We don’t cut unnecessary corners and want you to be as confident in the final product as we are. Our team is always forward-looking and our builds make future maintenance, diagnostics and updates as straightforward as possible.