Facilities Maintenance

Ensuring Optimal Post Construction System Performance

Construction is complete, and your new building or renovated space is ready for habitation or business. We’ve been building quality into every step along the way. Now, our post-construction services in the final days of construction make sure the transition flows seamlessly through turnover to the facilities team to support optimal operation and a long life for your controlled climate environments system.

Facility Maintenance Services

System Specific Service for Your Facility

Our HVAC maintenance programs are designed to protect your investment, lower your energy consumption, ensure proper calibration of controlled environments and keep your occupants comfortable. You need a partner that genuinely understands their needs when it comes to the service and maintenance of your mechanical systems. AMC provides high quality technicians, transparent service reporting and superior asset management.

Why Our Clients Prefer AMC

Comfort, Productivity and Peace of Mind

AMC’s post construction services are designed to keep equipment running like new and to maximize lifespan in accordance with the manufacturer specifications. Proper maintenance is essential for controlled environments, and understanding the equipment operations and application in the building is essential for proper maintenance. Clients often choose to ensure optimal operation through the lifetime of the system since we build the solutions. However, they stay with us for the lifetime of the facility due to a number of unique benefits they only find with AMC:

  • High Level of Communication & Detailed Documentation
  • Proactive Preventative Maintenance Plans
  • Warranties, Repair Coverage & Expanded Maintenance
  • Fast Response with “Every Call, Every Day” Service Approach
  • Staffing Services that are Convenient & Cost Effective
  • Water Treatment Programs to Reduce Consumption & Extend Life
Business Benefits of Facilities Maintenance Services

Control Comfort While Keeping Costs And Overhead Down

Your property’s assets are expensive and need to be maintained with longevity in mind if you want to keep future repair costs to a minimum. We are committed to providing our customers with well planned, detailed preventive maintenance plans to avoid premature equipment aging and increased repair costs. Furthermore, by providing proper service, we are able to develop long lasting relationships with our customers that save them money in the long run.

Have you ever added up all of your service and repair bills over the course of a year and compared them to your maintenance contract price? If that dollar amount is anything more than double your preventive maintenance contract price, then you simply aren’t getting the quality service you deserve. Across our 600+ service accounts we find that the ratio of preventive maintenance contract cost to service calls and repairs in a given year is 1:1.

Post Construction

Planning For Success In Every Phase

Project Turnover That Enables & Informs

At AMC, we begin planning for turnover in the Design Phase. By working closely with and clearly communicating with your facilities team, we’ll coordinate with relevant inspectors to define and implement your occupancy plan, and then manage warranties, final lien releases, project documentation and final electronic “as-builts”, to make sure all items are taken care of and ready to turn over to your team quickly and smoothly. We manage close-out checklists, identify potential outstanding issues and immediately assign these to relevant team members so they can begin resolving the items right away.

Since we’ve embedded quality into every step along the way, we’re able to eliminate surprises, plan for an effective turnover to your facilities team and make sure your timelines and budgets are met. Our goal is to have ZERO punch-list items on that final walkthrough of your project.

Post Construction Warranty Promise

A Commitment to Quality Beyond Completion

We offer our warranty promise on each and every project we deliver because we want to make sure you have confidence that your project was done right, from start to finish. In the event of an unforeseen systems issue, our Warranty Promise kicks in to make sure your project is up and running the way it should be.