A Key To Our Timeline and Cost Advantage

Through the use of virtual design technology, AMC is one of the few companies in Southern California that is able to fabricate high quality system components to enable significant time and cost savings for both owners and general contractors. Our control over the entire fabrication process ensures accurate Just-In-Time delivery to minimize lead times and improve on-site quality control and productivity, while greatly reducing labor and material handling costs.


Plumbing & Mechanical System: What We Excel at

From sectioned duct to fabricated steel piping systems, our team of experts at AMC use computer-assisted modeling to ensure that our fabricated pieces for HVAC, plumbing and structural elements are designed from the start to meet all manufacturer tolerances and permitting requirements. Our integrated fabrication process boasts a 96% success rate – meaning less rework and compounded savings of both time and money during your build. We’ll help you get out ahead of your project and stay there.

Advantages of Fabrication

The Speed, Efficiency & Flexibility You Need

AMC will help you avoid costly roadblocks and hit your key milestones with our Just-in-Time fabrication capabilities.

  • Meet tight schedules, reduce lead times & minimize reworks
  • Eliminate many supply chain delays
  • Reduce material handling labor & overages
  • Ensure compliance with all tolerance specs and permitting requirements
  • Ease jobsite congestion by minimizing on-site materials
  • Streamline logistics to mitigate subcontractor and supplier mistakes
  • Flexibility to scale up as needed, make up for unexpected delays and hit milestones
On Time & On Budget

Fabrication Expertise That Keeps Your Project On Track
The Capability To Manage Your Project From End to End

We understand that you have a deadline to meet and we’re committed to helping you hit your deadlines, safely, with the highest level of quality and at the best value. A successful build requires competent partners with the capabilities and experience to eliminate unwanted surprises and to efficiently navigate whatever unexpected scenarios may arise. With our world-class fabrication capabilities as a cornerstone, Associated Mechanical Contractors will be your greatest ally in every step of the journey.